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Evacuations have been completed in Development and Housing Blocks, demolition has begun.

On 10 November 2015 Tuesday, first demolitions in Ataşehir Development and Housing Blocks have begun. Aktifhan Construction is transforming the Development and Housing Blocks in Ataşehir Esatpaşa, which include properties of Toki as well as State Treasury along with police public housing.

Anticipating for the time being demolition of blocks that contain 110 apartments, Aktifhan Construction embarks upon Nestiva Ataşehir Project which will change the outlook of the region.

Having signed contracts with all the apartment owners including Toki, Aktifhan Construction Chairman of the Executive Board Suat Kayhan says "We have placed our signature on a project with 200 independent sections. We have accomplished this through one on one consultations with all beneficiaries, we have got the project design approved. With this project the outlook of the region will change and it will constitute an exemplary and pioneering solution for some 1500 home owners from the Municipality, Toki and the Police Department who haven't been able to renew their apartments for years.

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07 November 2015

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