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Construction of Nestiva Ataşehir Phase 1 on Development and Housing Blocks has begun

First excavation works have been launched in Nestiva Ataşehir project to be realized in Ataşehir Istanbul within the scope of urban transformation. In the project known as Development and Housing Blocks, the construction has started rapidly.

According to information obtained by EmlakPencerem.com correspondent, Aktifhan Construction, which made its mark by carrying out the first demolitions in the Development and Housing Blocks last November, has launched first excavations in the Blocks this week.

Containing many apartments that belong to Toki and State Treasury, known also as police public housing, the area located in Ataşehir Esatpaşa neighbourhood is being transformed in the framework of the urban transformation project of Aktifhan Construction.

Providing solutions for Development and Housing Blocks through Nestiva Ataşehir projects and having for now demolished 11 blocks and having launched an ambitious project in their place on 3 separate blocks, Aktifhan Construction will change the outlook of the location thanks to Nestiva Ataşehir Project.

A project to serve as a model

Having received prerequests regarding Nestiva 1, Nestiva 2 and Nestiva 3 projects as well as many development and housing blocks in the region, Aktifhan Construction Chairman of the Executive Board Suat Kayhan says "as of yesterday, we have kicked off the excavation works for 3 blocks for which we obtained approvals from State Treasury, Toki as well as local citizens along with construction permits and at this rate, we will carry out apartment deliveries in September 2017. We will share further details regarding date and the project during the launching assembly. This project will change the outlook of the neighbourhood as well as pioneer a process as it will serve as a model by providing solutions for some 1500 homeowners from the municipality, TOKİ and the Police Department who have not been able to renew their apartment for years."

Where is Nestiva Ataşehir and how does one get there?

Nestiva Ataşehir will rise as a new residential area in Ataşehir and Esatpaşa neighbourhoods through projects located within 3 minutes from E-5 Göztepe Bridge, 2 minutes from Tem highway, 10 minutes from Kadıköy, 9 minutes from Ümraniye, 10 minutes from Üsküdar and 8 minutes from Ataşehir.

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03 April 2016

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