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Aktifhan Construction is growing based on its own equity capital

It is the product of a 30 year long story. In it, there is determination, excitement and happiness as well as occasional sadness but never resignation or giving up.

Having started by making a name for itself thanks to its signature on several popular, boutique and authentic projects in Ümraniye, Üsküdar and Ataşehir; Aktifhan Construction continues to lead and pioneer the construction sector guided since its foundation by the principle of definitive customer satisfaction. Confidently looking forward to the future based on the experiences it has derived from the past, Aktifhan Construction keeps taking firm steps forward towards growing on its own equity capital in an environment where no company is able to conduct business without leaning on use of bank loans.

The greatest secret of the success of AKTIFHAN GROUP is its values that emerge thanks to the strength of its references, guided by the principle of continuous change and improvement without sacrificing quality, a principle that it has been upholding since the first day. As a result of its work ethics focused on customer satisfaction and quality, Aktifhan Construction cooperates with leading brands in every project and takes pleasure in contributing new beauties to the capital of culture that is Istanbul, by presenting the best solutions in the most aesthetic ways.

At the same time, it carefully handles all the conditions required by the business of constructing in Istanbul. It realizes projects in accordance with earthquake regulations through the use of first class technologies, modern engineering techniques and architectural solutions. That is why the projects that carry the signature of Aktifhan Construction always open the doors to a safe and peaceful life.

30 May 2016

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