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Architectural Overview From Tradition to the Future

AKTIFHAN GROUP, with nearly 40 years of experience in the construction sector, qualified human resources, professional managerial staff and investments; continues to be a "reliable solution partner" in the sector where it steadily grows based on its institutional working principles, towards building a growing and developing Turkey.

AKTIFHAN GROUP builds new living spaces in Istanbul, this capital of culture that it is passionate about, takes great pleasure in incorporating aesthetic and architectural beauties. It also allows many families to gain a home through the most convenient opportunities thanks to the quality and features of the projects that it realizes.

The greatest secret of the success of AKTIFHAN GROUP is its values that emerge thanks to the strength of its references, guided by the principle of continuous change and improvement without sacrificing quality, a principle that it has been upholding since the first day. It is through these values that AKTIFHAN GROUP has earned wide public appreciation and trust.

Shaping its future by drawing on the strength from its past, AKTIFHAN GROUP grows on its own equity capital in an environment where no one is able to operate without using external resources (i.e. Bank loans), it trusts in Turkey's future and decorates it with its signature projects.

We build the future of Turkey safely.

In an environment where no one can work without using an outsourcing bank credit; AKTIFHAN is growing with his own capital. Our trust Turkey's future.

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