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Quality and Environment Policy

Quality Policy

Viewing the concept of quality as a responsibility to be shared equally by all members of staff, Aktifhan Group develops its goals in this direction in accordance with company vision as well as customer expectation and in a well proportionate way.

The "Quality Assurance System" logic within Aktifhan Group is built on an "effort to satisfy need for perfect product and service". Quality is not a level to be reached and maintained, but rather a target to be improved and renewed according to the circumstances through most effective and positive reflections.

The quality concept within Aktifhan Group will be reinforced through awareness raising of employees and their participation, thus it will turn into a successful "group" consisting of solid and robust circles.

Environmental Policy

In every stage of its operations from supplies to be purchased to human resources, Aktifhan Group acts with a consciousness of responsibility towards the environment. It is a priority for the company management and all the staff therefore, to be environmentally-conscious and to continuously develop policies towards this end.

Based on the principles of continuous development and improvement, Aktifhan Group designates environmental factors at every stage of each project, aiming at solutions that are compatible with the environment while facilitating quality of human life; carries out improvement activities and adds sustainability to these works.

We build the future of Turkey safely.

In an environment where no one can work without using an outsourcing bank credit; AKTIFHAN is growing with his own capital. Our trust Turkey's future.

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