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Gökkaya Apartment Complex

Located in Ümraniye Esenevler Neighbourhood, this two phase project is the first urban transformation project carried out by Aktifhan Constructin. The project neighbors the newly built town hall, on a splendid valley overlooking Üsküdar's unique history from the first row. It is located in a privileged location where its view will not be obstructed by other projects.

The project includes parking garage, parking lot, playground, camellia as well as security and doorman services. With its spacious entry and exit, modern structure, features and location, the project offers its owners a peaceful and happy life.

Works are ongoing at full steam in order to realize the plans of the 2nd and last phase of this distinguished project.

With a beautiful project, Aktifhan Construction places its signature in Üsküdar, one of the loveliest counties of Istanbul, and enriches this city for which it has a great passion, with a project worthy of it.

Information Regarding Phases of Construction of the Project

You can follow all the current information regarding stages of construction of the Gökkaya Apartment Complex Project here.

1- Evacuations for the project have been completed and the demolition permit works are underway.
2- Construction permit have been obtained. Worksite establishment and excavation planning are ongoing.
3- Rough construction work is ongoing.

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