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Nestiva Ataşehir Phase 3

Project designing and project permit works are underway for Nestiva Ataşehir Phase 3, a valuable investment opportunity.
In spite of being located at the center of the city, Nestiva Ataşehir neighbors Aşık Veysel Park which is some 12,500 square meters in addition to the green areas it contains within itself, thus offers you green areas to enjoy to the full. Your gym is right beside you... Also, you can refresh in the sauna by renewing your cells and resting your soul. Nestiva Ataşehir offers all of these opportunities with the privilege of gender-specific areas.

A Safe Harbor

Far away from the city's chaos, close to link roads of Tem and E5, in a particularly convenient location for Göztepe subway and metrobus transfer stations as well as Marmaray without major trafic problems, it allows you to travel quickly to even the remote locations of the city.

Besides, it is also a privilege that Nestiva Ataşehir is located next to a spacious and large street. Thanks to its parking garage, private security guards and security camera systems monitoring the environment 7/24, it allows for the tranquility and comfort of being safe.

Information Regarding Phases of Construction of the Project

You can follow all the current information regarding stages of construction of the Nestiva Ataşehir Phase 3 Project here.

1- Groundwork of the project is underway.
2- Construction permit have been obtained, excavation works have begun.

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